Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting chilly..

It's getting a bit cold here so I've had to put my superhero shawl on...


Leslie said...

Hello! I'm a very bad blogger and just now saw your comment on my blog that you left... oh, back in March. Thanks for the comment and the feedback. Luckily, cytoxen was not necessary (at least not at this point!) and I'm on cellcept and crossing my fingers that i can start weening off of the pred. It's nice to find others out there who are going through what I am. It's all still relatively new!

Cute dog by the way! I just got a pup of my own, so I'm a little dog obsessed!

paddy said...

Yesterday Oscar FELL off the balcony, mustn't have had his superhero cape on hey!! So funny , I had a look to check he was ok and then rushed off inside .. he bounded up and THEN started limping .. such a wimp!! No superhero there !!!