Sunday, January 17, 2010


Poodle Soup is proud to announce we have a new contributor to our blog. Welcome Buddy, we look forward to reading about your adventures!!

Buddy's 1st post....
One sunny day at the end of a beautiful summer spent on the shores of the Mediterranean, my human companions informed me that they would be returning to their native country, Canada, in January, and they invited me to come along. Having lived all of my life until that point in the South of France (I was born in a small town near Nimes, called Beauvoisin), I was worried about the culture and temperature shock of living in Canada. Two years later, I have happily adapted to the people and the snow (love it!). Although both the humans and dogs are not as warm and as culturally aware as my compatriots, the city in which I live, Ottawa, has a large proportion of francophones (it is situated on the border of Ontario and “la belle province”, le Québec), so linguistically speaking, I still switch often between English and French (as my human companions are bilingual, but native anglophones, I had already been switching back and forth for quite some time). As for the snow, I am so grateful for the good fortune of living with snow for several months of the year. It seems like each year it comes again as a pleasant, cold surprise. I really can’t get enough of running through deep stretches of untouched powder. I feel that this experience has given me a taste of the amazement of the original French explorer dogs at the sight of the endless expanses of snowy fields…and it connects me to the history of my newly adopted country, le Canada. Je suis un vrai canadien-français!


Victoria said...

Ahhhh Buddy it's so good to have you as a blogger on Poodle Soup! Hope to read more about your exciting Canadian life in the future!
Oscar xxxx

(ps - love your orange jumper!)

Snowy and Crystal said...

Welcome Buddy :)