Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Paris & Me

Here I am sitting in the TGV on my way to Paris admiring the lovely French scenery.
Here I am very comfortably looking after bags filled with presents for ME!! Thats my Grandma in the red jacket pushing me along.

As an Aussie Poodle Ive been lucky enough to see quite a bit of the world by living here in France. A few months ago Grandma came to visit us in France. Me and Maman went up to Paris to pick her up from the airport. We had to take the TGV which is a supa fast train, I of course sat on Mamans lap all the way, none of this business putting me in a unfriendly cage locked away in the baggage section. The thing I like about France is that it is wonderful how I am allowed to travel in trains and stay in hotels with my human family, quite different from Australia. Mamam would never be happy with anything less as I am her baby and she loves me so much!!


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Oh hello Ripley, welcome back!
My pawrents went to Paris last year, didn't take me with them.
How's everybody, I miss you Ripley. Please keep posting, enjoy reading every post of yours!

Snowy and Crystal said...

Hello Ripley, very nice to read from you again :)

Our mommy was away on a trip to America so we weren't able to visit you sooner. we sure missed ya pal

such a nice pic of you and grandma =)

tail wags

Poronchi Ninja Puppy said...

Hi Ripley,
What a cozy ride it is on top of the red bag :)

btw. I'm adding u to my bloglist :D


Momo and Pinot said...

Ripley, we love the photo of you being pushed by your grandma! :) Lovely! Wow, France is very pet friendly country.

Momo & Pinot